Monday, 25 April 2011

When in Doubt do Nothing

When in doubt, do nothing.

As a child I was very creative, but there were times when I was bored and wanted suggestions that might fulfill my desire to do something magic. At these times of lacking motivation, or the inability to move through a problem, I would ask my mother this question, “What can I do now?”
My mother always repeated these infuriating words.
“When in doubt do nothing!”

This drove me mad as a child as I always wanted her to give me a clue to the next step to take.
Now she has passed over, I still find myself asking her this blasted question, “What can I do?

She continues to answer, “When in doubt do nothing!”
My guides say to me, “Stop pushing your bolder up the mountain. Sit on the bolder and meditate.”
I reckon my mother’s words and the words of spirit basically mean the same thing.
So for the last seven days I have been ignoring guidance and pushing my boulder up the mountain.
“At least I am doing something Mum!” I yell out of sheer frustration and upset.
As a child I got over my problems and boredom quickly and moved on to the next creative idea.  As an adult I have years of armoring making the pushing of my bolder up the mountain painful and self defeating. It has come to pass that the bolder rolled back over me and flattened me something terrible.
How perfect for Easter to fall at the same time of my bolder crucifixion. I have died a terrible death due to personal challenges. Today I have risen and am ascending to a new level of understanding.
Resurrection only comes when surrender is adhered too. I hope you have read the story about Surrender on my blog.
The creative juices are beginning to form again as I sit on my bolder and meditate.
When Mum said, “When in doubt, do nothing!” I didn’t get it.

I now know what she really meant - Sit still and go within. In doing nothing a new cell of creative possibility forms. Out of nothing something is born.

The following is taken from one of the forty-four Mastery Cards in the, about to be released Spiritual Self Mastery. The original blueprint board game, Self Mastery is available on
When I read the Spiritual Self Mastery Card “Resurrection” I thanked the Universe for helping me through the last few days of absolute frustration, humiliation, upset and fear.

To rise above limiting beliefs, to be fully alive, to be free, to continue.
Resurrection is the ability to get up when the chips are down resurrecting what is left and creating a magnificent company, teaching-course, product or partnership. It is taking what is left and starting again. Phoenix rising from the ashes.
SELF MASTERY is: Freeing self from situations caused by obsessive and negative thoughts. Freeing the voice of the victim from the dungeon of repression. Living life as a victor - no longer afraid of what others think. Releasing old inherited patterns. Finding a way to achieve the dream.
ACTION: Live every day as though it is your last. Keep going no matter what. Release resentment. Change gear and direction. Sit and meditate.
CHALLENGE: Thwarted expectations, forgiveness, powerlessness, crucifixion.


  1. I think I am sitting on a boulder close by xx

  2. I too have been sitting on a boulder and am comforted to be reminded that I'm not alone and to be reminded of surrender, acceptance and going within xox