Saturday, 2 April 2011

Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap
As you are moving through a novel doorway into a parallel universe, you enter an unfamiliar place where time and space no longer exist.
A Quantum leap is an unfamiliar, unearthly movement that is neither going into ‘some thing’ or out of ‘some thing’ It is devoid of meaning- a whole new ball game- one in which you have never experience before. Here you can be creative and make it up as you go. Again it has no earthly analysis. The rules and regulations no longer exist as once they did nor does the familiarity or safety of past experience exist in your memory bank. Never in the history of your planet have you entered this doorway of possibilities. Where do you get your bearings? You don’t! Day to day routine falls away; what took months to achieve arrives on the first breath of that thought. In an instant the creative leap holds no floor on which to land, no horizon to focus your future desires, and no memories from which you are molded. Is this quantum liberation? Yes it is.
Did you know that at any moment, you will arrive at your new front door and won’t remember what you were as a limited human. You will be quantum, like an electric current generating quantum power without any known fuel source.
A Quantum Leap is leaping into your mysteries and embracing that which you do not understand. To add or subtract from this, we tell you that you do not know that you do not understand, for that thought no longer exists. The quantum source has arrived and is pulsing through your veins now.
Go in peace for it is so, so be it.

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