Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Third Divine Principle

The third principle  
        In the number 1, we have ‘The Awakening’, the first principle; masculine by nature. It connects with the second principle, number 2 , ‘The Receptive,’ feminine in nature and forms a union to create the third principle, number 3, ‘The Creative’, child-like in nature. From the creative union of yin and yang, it brings a progression, from bud to flower, from winter to the blossoming of spring, from the planting of an idea into manifestation, from conception to birth. The third principle represents the beauty of a child, the dream created, the concept manifested. It is without restriction. It is spontaneous, active,  productive, prosperous and exuberant.

When you embrace ‘the child of light’ as being that which you are, a product of your own thoughts, joy, spontaneity, laughter and  harmony grow in vibrance.
A light-hearted child is eternally uplifting and inspiring. Remain innocent.

Divine children of light, we come to give you this message about your magnificent imagination. How often do you afford the vision of brilliance? Imagination takes many forms, from the most magic views of desires to the downtrodden visions of situations that are fear based. Why does the view change from perfection to sheer terror of manifesting the fullness of yourselves. Are you afraid your life will change dramatically?  Are you afraid that it is all a dream and the creation of desire wilts back into the logical mind?

We say this to you, you are divine and powerful beyond measure, yet you measure yourself with the results you achieve while never satisfied to take in the sweet scents of divine manifestation. Or perhaps you never create the results you want. Raise your frequencies consciously as does the bud that blossoms when it is warmed by the natural flow of life, as it is in the natural process of birthing life. You can’t stop what is a natural flow of life, yet, divine children of light you lessen your brilliance by remaining in a holding pattern. What if you stopped the bud from opening or the child from birthing?

If you flow as that of the third principle, innocence of the child, spontaneity, in the moment, totally focused on the creative joy of laughter and the primavera of spring, you would unwrap from your bud and blossom in the light of your pure self.
From this day on, imagine you are the ‘child of light’ who continues to create the daydreams of your divine, magnificent imaginings.

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