Monday, 4 April 2011

The Circle of Potential

The Circle of Potential

On what subject would you like us to delineate?

Why do some of us find it takes a long time to create what it is we want?

Ahh Divine child of eternal Light, we bring this message to you now.
It is a fact that on your plane of existence, the plane of density, we know it takes effort to create what you want due to the living in a 3 dimensional plane - quite clearly this is limiting, especially from the programs of the mind. How many of you look at the stoppages as punishment or, that others are lucky who seemingly create what they want? Is it a matter of the Law of Attraction as well as Divine Sequence of what we have spoken of before?

All sorts of analysis and all sorts of emotions arise. This lowers your frequency, and density remains and maintains a blockage, a stoppage. Oh that’s all very well, I hear you conjecture.
Firstly, let go of what you know about time and thoughts, they crucify - the mind places a 3D reality heavily on your system slowing everything down. The supply is stopped by the stuff collected in your head. The stuff that says how can you attract everything to yourself in a blink of an eye, that is impossible, I have tried this for years and nothing happens, I give up. But do you surrender?
Ahh divine child of light - the ‘I’ or the intuitive ‘eye’ knows, what the 3D plane does not. It knows about the Circle of Potential.

In the Age of New Consciousness or spiritual illumination, the Divine Quantum Sequence arrives. Remaining in the Piscean Age you remain in the linear dimension of past, present and future and everything you want to happen doesn’t. You stay stuck!
Linear is slow and labored, for it takes time to navigate from one thing to the next. A sort of long sleep like a bear in hibernation. 
Can you wake up to pure consciousness now?
No analysis, no seeking future change, no memory of past conditions, no making sense of anything. How would that be? A little weird I suspect because it is not natural to live outside the familiar ways. Total nothingness becomes pure potential, allness, nowness and everything.
Do not look at your journey in a straight line, look at the circle or the seed of full potential. The seed is the circle in which you are complete and whole. If your consciousness is the seed, then all of you are whole as being the circle of potential.

I pose this question: Where do you begin, are you on the circumference or the totality of the circle, are you outside the circle, where do you end, are you in front or behind, what follows you and what proceeds you, are you in the middle? I could go on and on and on, the never ending circle of eternal birth. Do you feel disorientated- no beginning - no in between - no end- eternal circles of potential.
Divine souls you are powerful beyond measure - how can you measure yourself against others when you are total?

Can you, for One Whole day be in the moment to the surrender of Self within the Self. No future striving, no past conditioning, no more analysis, no wanting to be somewhere else, or wanting to be with someone else. No thinking about what is, what could be and what may be. When your circle is complete how can you add to it when you have everything. Remember this is Quantum and not Linear.
Remain in your pure energy. Yes divine soul I am talking to you. You are magnificent and unlimited.
Raise your frequency by becoming the seed of potential.

In your linear language it is difficult to relay the message from a higher dimensional frequency.
If you become the circle but not in the way a circle is in 3D you raise your energy. We are going to go in circles but perhaps going in circles is better than placing yourself in the restrictive linear time of past, present and future.

Here is your exercise to become conscious and wake up from your hibernation. Write down everything you think about for a whole day. What do you have on your mind. You will have no time to be in this moment not in the Circle of Potential. However once you become awake to your constant thoughts you are on your way to know your Circle of Potential.
Be amazed by your thinking.
Start now!
For it is so, so be it.

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