Monday, 25 April 2011

When in Doubt do Nothing

When in doubt, do nothing.

As a child I was very creative, but there were times when I was bored and wanted suggestions that might fulfill my desire to do something magic. At these times of lacking motivation, or the inability to move through a problem, I would ask my mother this question, “What can I do now?”
My mother always repeated these infuriating words.
“When in doubt do nothing!”

This drove me mad as a child as I always wanted her to give me a clue to the next step to take.
Now she has passed over, I still find myself asking her this blasted question, “What can I do?

She continues to answer, “When in doubt do nothing!”
My guides say to me, “Stop pushing your bolder up the mountain. Sit on the bolder and meditate.”
I reckon my mother’s words and the words of spirit basically mean the same thing.
So for the last seven days I have been ignoring guidance and pushing my boulder up the mountain.
“At least I am doing something Mum!” I yell out of sheer frustration and upset.
As a child I got over my problems and boredom quickly and moved on to the next creative idea.  As an adult I have years of armoring making the pushing of my bolder up the mountain painful and self defeating. It has come to pass that the bolder rolled back over me and flattened me something terrible.
How perfect for Easter to fall at the same time of my bolder crucifixion. I have died a terrible death due to personal challenges. Today I have risen and am ascending to a new level of understanding.
Resurrection only comes when surrender is adhered too. I hope you have read the story about Surrender on my blog.
The creative juices are beginning to form again as I sit on my bolder and meditate.
When Mum said, “When in doubt, do nothing!” I didn’t get it.

I now know what she really meant - Sit still and go within. In doing nothing a new cell of creative possibility forms. Out of nothing something is born.

The following is taken from one of the forty-four Mastery Cards in the, about to be released Spiritual Self Mastery. The original blueprint board game, Self Mastery is available on
When I read the Spiritual Self Mastery Card “Resurrection” I thanked the Universe for helping me through the last few days of absolute frustration, humiliation, upset and fear.

To rise above limiting beliefs, to be fully alive, to be free, to continue.
Resurrection is the ability to get up when the chips are down resurrecting what is left and creating a magnificent company, teaching-course, product or partnership. It is taking what is left and starting again. Phoenix rising from the ashes.
SELF MASTERY is: Freeing self from situations caused by obsessive and negative thoughts. Freeing the voice of the victim from the dungeon of repression. Living life as a victor - no longer afraid of what others think. Releasing old inherited patterns. Finding a way to achieve the dream.
ACTION: Live every day as though it is your last. Keep going no matter what. Release resentment. Change gear and direction. Sit and meditate.
CHALLENGE: Thwarted expectations, forgiveness, powerlessness, crucifixion.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Divine Metamorphosis

Divine souls, we bring you exquisite news of impending breakthrough. The density you have felt in approximately the last 11 years now shatters. Metamorphosis is upon you. Who would of thought that each One of you, yes I am talking to you, would have dared contemplate that the perfect metamorphosis is about to take form.

You have come a long way and worked hard and persistently. Like a caterpillar who whittles down the tree - the tree of life which it has been given to consume, utilize and experience as a sacred and natural journey. After such a journey the tree is bare, there is nothing left but to surrender, spin your cocoon and wait. This you have done.

Here you had a dream that you are beginning to remember. Remember what? To remember that One day you would birth into a new form of consciousness.

In your cocoon you dreamed you broke free from limiting beliefs. The dream has woken you and opened you to remembering who you truly are - unlimited. Did you ever think that the caterpillar would become the butterfly? How could you when it surrendered to its journey and followed the natural process as you are doing now.

Your awakening has begun after much internal preparation. The breeze calls you to break free and whispers, “Come to the edge of the unknown.”

The voice whispers again, “Jump into the expansive, eternal Universe.”
You will feel a sense of excitement and yet know not what it is that calls you to transform.

As natural as it is for the butterfly, you let go and fly on the currents of new life. You have responded to the call. Your life blossoms as you follow the call of you internal voice, as you wake to the beauty of that which you are.

Dear souls, how many of you now fly to greater heights. You will know that there is something different as others remind you that you look different somehow, that you have an all embracing energy. Well divine One, you have raised your frequency to attune to the break through  into The Age of Aquarius, the age of spiritual transformation and metamorphosis - from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Go in Peace, for it is so.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Third Divine Principle

The third principle  
        In the number 1, we have ‘The Awakening’, the first principle; masculine by nature. It connects with the second principle, number 2 , ‘The Receptive,’ feminine in nature and forms a union to create the third principle, number 3, ‘The Creative’, child-like in nature. From the creative union of yin and yang, it brings a progression, from bud to flower, from winter to the blossoming of spring, from the planting of an idea into manifestation, from conception to birth. The third principle represents the beauty of a child, the dream created, the concept manifested. It is without restriction. It is spontaneous, active,  productive, prosperous and exuberant.

When you embrace ‘the child of light’ as being that which you are, a product of your own thoughts, joy, spontaneity, laughter and  harmony grow in vibrance.
A light-hearted child is eternally uplifting and inspiring. Remain innocent.

Divine children of light, we come to give you this message about your magnificent imagination. How often do you afford the vision of brilliance? Imagination takes many forms, from the most magic views of desires to the downtrodden visions of situations that are fear based. Why does the view change from perfection to sheer terror of manifesting the fullness of yourselves. Are you afraid your life will change dramatically?  Are you afraid that it is all a dream and the creation of desire wilts back into the logical mind?

We say this to you, you are divine and powerful beyond measure, yet you measure yourself with the results you achieve while never satisfied to take in the sweet scents of divine manifestation. Or perhaps you never create the results you want. Raise your frequencies consciously as does the bud that blossoms when it is warmed by the natural flow of life, as it is in the natural process of birthing life. You can’t stop what is a natural flow of life, yet, divine children of light you lessen your brilliance by remaining in a holding pattern. What if you stopped the bud from opening or the child from birthing?

If you flow as that of the third principle, innocence of the child, spontaneity, in the moment, totally focused on the creative joy of laughter and the primavera of spring, you would unwrap from your bud and blossom in the light of your pure self.
From this day on, imagine you are the ‘child of light’ who continues to create the daydreams of your divine, magnificent imaginings.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Divine Sequence

Divine Sequence
The tools of which you have been given through the conduit of the creative pathways are blessed. Timing is non important, for it is viscous and yet all moves as it does in Divine Sequence.
You have no idea of timing and Divine Sequence. If you did there would remain only perfection and divine light. On your plane you chose not to know the full consequences mainly for the reasons that is beyond reach of a 3D mentality. You chose this journey and the journey chose you.
 This is a peak experience from which you do not go back down the mountain but move forwards as a continual even ground on a higher octave, higher energy dimension and frequency - a continually sunrise. It is seen and you understand this profoundly as you are aligned to Divine Sequence.

    As I discovered, Divine Sequence is orchestrated by the Divine Cosmic. If we try and make something work when simple it has not slotted into the next sequence, and if we continue to force our will upon that which our ego mind wants, it may fall into shambles because simply it is not right timing or more things are to be done before the next sequence forms. Its like joining the dots. If we allow the Divine to guide us without human intervention, we are shown a piece of the jig-saw puzzle that shines light on the reason for the situation to have occurred in the first place. The Source wants us to win, succeed, and have all that we dream of.

I found out that if a hurdle is given, it is not given to negate us, but to align us to the Divine Sequence where something has to come to pass before we reach a goal. Yet we need to be proactive but not force our will upon that which has not aligned in its right sequence. If we screw up the sequence by forcing things to work with our mind, have you noticed things seem to fall apart before it is rearranged and realigned. Much like a GPS system, it recalculates if a wrong turn is made. I believed I needed to listen, remain conscious, aware and recognize the signs. Is this what surrender is all about?

I have a story about SURRENDER. It is a word I have ignored. A sense of annoyance seeps into me. This may have been due to the language of the “New Age” and the pushing of buttons in self transformational course work in the early eighties.

I learnt a fantastic lesson. Surrender and the Law of Synchronicity gained my respect after the following experience.

I had finished yoga class in Chatswood, a northern suburb of Sydney. I shared with my yoga teacher the frustration I was having finding the solutions and working parts of a transformational board game I had been given by a group of tall, bald headed angels. Yes, they had no wings, but I called them angel-messengers who showed me what I had come here to do as part of my life’s purpose. That is another story but it transpired that I published a board game called “Self Mastery”, the game of life. But in developing a board game, of which I was unfamiliar with, totally uneducated in and with dyslexia as my birth companion, I had to rely on the bald headed ‘ones’ to show me the way. If I forced things with my own logical deductions everything stopped. However if I surrendered everything fell into divine sequence.

So, after telling my yoga teacher about the frustrations and my human manipulations with the game I was trying to bring together, she sweetly said, “ I think you need to surrender Sally.” I left feeling annoyed. Coffee seemed a perfect option to me going home and surrendering.

Westfield was next door. I entered via Spring Street to the food hall. Without warning I heard a commotion and saw at a distance a woman waving her arms in the air, to my horror she was running towards my direction. As she got closer her high pitched trills turned into a word I recognized but did not want to hear. She made a beeline for me. How did she happen to focus purely on me, singing in a high pitched voice the word, surrender? She stopped directly in front of my face with arms still waving about as though I was not paying attention to her, she repeated the long, elongated word sur-ren-der in her unusual high pitched trill. I froze as though suspended in animation. She sang sur-ren-der again. I felt everyone was looking at us, and they were. Once she got her not so subtle point across, she disappeared into the crowd of other shoppers.
This really did happen and I marvel at divine sequence and synchronicity coming at the perfect time for me to become conscious that the higher forces did want me to get the message to surrender and trust in divine sequence so I would succeed in creating a fully functioning, transformational board game. When I did indeed surrender, all that I needed came to me and finally the game of life, “Self Mastery” flowed with precision. SGC

Monday, 4 April 2011

The Circle of Potential

The Circle of Potential

On what subject would you like us to delineate?

Why do some of us find it takes a long time to create what it is we want?

Ahh Divine child of eternal Light, we bring this message to you now.
It is a fact that on your plane of existence, the plane of density, we know it takes effort to create what you want due to the living in a 3 dimensional plane - quite clearly this is limiting, especially from the programs of the mind. How many of you look at the stoppages as punishment or, that others are lucky who seemingly create what they want? Is it a matter of the Law of Attraction as well as Divine Sequence of what we have spoken of before?

All sorts of analysis and all sorts of emotions arise. This lowers your frequency, and density remains and maintains a blockage, a stoppage. Oh that’s all very well, I hear you conjecture.
Firstly, let go of what you know about time and thoughts, they crucify - the mind places a 3D reality heavily on your system slowing everything down. The supply is stopped by the stuff collected in your head. The stuff that says how can you attract everything to yourself in a blink of an eye, that is impossible, I have tried this for years and nothing happens, I give up. But do you surrender?
Ahh divine child of light - the ‘I’ or the intuitive ‘eye’ knows, what the 3D plane does not. It knows about the Circle of Potential.

In the Age of New Consciousness or spiritual illumination, the Divine Quantum Sequence arrives. Remaining in the Piscean Age you remain in the linear dimension of past, present and future and everything you want to happen doesn’t. You stay stuck!
Linear is slow and labored, for it takes time to navigate from one thing to the next. A sort of long sleep like a bear in hibernation. 
Can you wake up to pure consciousness now?
No analysis, no seeking future change, no memory of past conditions, no making sense of anything. How would that be? A little weird I suspect because it is not natural to live outside the familiar ways. Total nothingness becomes pure potential, allness, nowness and everything.
Do not look at your journey in a straight line, look at the circle or the seed of full potential. The seed is the circle in which you are complete and whole. If your consciousness is the seed, then all of you are whole as being the circle of potential.

I pose this question: Where do you begin, are you on the circumference or the totality of the circle, are you outside the circle, where do you end, are you in front or behind, what follows you and what proceeds you, are you in the middle? I could go on and on and on, the never ending circle of eternal birth. Do you feel disorientated- no beginning - no in between - no end- eternal circles of potential.
Divine souls you are powerful beyond measure - how can you measure yourself against others when you are total?

Can you, for One Whole day be in the moment to the surrender of Self within the Self. No future striving, no past conditioning, no more analysis, no wanting to be somewhere else, or wanting to be with someone else. No thinking about what is, what could be and what may be. When your circle is complete how can you add to it when you have everything. Remember this is Quantum and not Linear.
Remain in your pure energy. Yes divine soul I am talking to you. You are magnificent and unlimited.
Raise your frequency by becoming the seed of potential.

In your linear language it is difficult to relay the message from a higher dimensional frequency.
If you become the circle but not in the way a circle is in 3D you raise your energy. We are going to go in circles but perhaps going in circles is better than placing yourself in the restrictive linear time of past, present and future.

Here is your exercise to become conscious and wake up from your hibernation. Write down everything you think about for a whole day. What do you have on your mind. You will have no time to be in this moment not in the Circle of Potential. However once you become awake to your constant thoughts you are on your way to know your Circle of Potential.
Be amazed by your thinking.
Start now!
For it is so, so be it.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap
As you are moving through a novel doorway into a parallel universe, you enter an unfamiliar place where time and space no longer exist.
A Quantum leap is an unfamiliar, unearthly movement that is neither going into ‘some thing’ or out of ‘some thing’ It is devoid of meaning- a whole new ball game- one in which you have never experience before. Here you can be creative and make it up as you go. Again it has no earthly analysis. The rules and regulations no longer exist as once they did nor does the familiarity or safety of past experience exist in your memory bank. Never in the history of your planet have you entered this doorway of possibilities. Where do you get your bearings? You don’t! Day to day routine falls away; what took months to achieve arrives on the first breath of that thought. In an instant the creative leap holds no floor on which to land, no horizon to focus your future desires, and no memories from which you are molded. Is this quantum liberation? Yes it is.
Did you know that at any moment, you will arrive at your new front door and won’t remember what you were as a limited human. You will be quantum, like an electric current generating quantum power without any known fuel source.
A Quantum Leap is leaping into your mysteries and embracing that which you do not understand. To add or subtract from this, we tell you that you do not know that you do not understand, for that thought no longer exists. The quantum source has arrived and is pulsing through your veins now.
Go in peace for it is so, so be it.