Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Divine Sequence

Divine Sequence
The tools of which you have been given through the conduit of the creative pathways are blessed. Timing is non important, for it is viscous and yet all moves as it does in Divine Sequence.
You have no idea of timing and Divine Sequence. If you did there would remain only perfection and divine light. On your plane you chose not to know the full consequences mainly for the reasons that is beyond reach of a 3D mentality. You chose this journey and the journey chose you.
 This is a peak experience from which you do not go back down the mountain but move forwards as a continual even ground on a higher octave, higher energy dimension and frequency - a continually sunrise. It is seen and you understand this profoundly as you are aligned to Divine Sequence.

    As I discovered, Divine Sequence is orchestrated by the Divine Cosmic. If we try and make something work when simple it has not slotted into the next sequence, and if we continue to force our will upon that which our ego mind wants, it may fall into shambles because simply it is not right timing or more things are to be done before the next sequence forms. Its like joining the dots. If we allow the Divine to guide us without human intervention, we are shown a piece of the jig-saw puzzle that shines light on the reason for the situation to have occurred in the first place. The Source wants us to win, succeed, and have all that we dream of.

I found out that if a hurdle is given, it is not given to negate us, but to align us to the Divine Sequence where something has to come to pass before we reach a goal. Yet we need to be proactive but not force our will upon that which has not aligned in its right sequence. If we screw up the sequence by forcing things to work with our mind, have you noticed things seem to fall apart before it is rearranged and realigned. Much like a GPS system, it recalculates if a wrong turn is made. I believed I needed to listen, remain conscious, aware and recognize the signs. Is this what surrender is all about?

I have a story about SURRENDER. It is a word I have ignored. A sense of annoyance seeps into me. This may have been due to the language of the “New Age” and the pushing of buttons in self transformational course work in the early eighties.

I learnt a fantastic lesson. Surrender and the Law of Synchronicity gained my respect after the following experience.

I had finished yoga class in Chatswood, a northern suburb of Sydney. I shared with my yoga teacher the frustration I was having finding the solutions and working parts of a transformational board game I had been given by a group of tall, bald headed angels. Yes, they had no wings, but I called them angel-messengers who showed me what I had come here to do as part of my life’s purpose. That is another story but it transpired that I published a board game called “Self Mastery”, the game of life. But in developing a board game, of which I was unfamiliar with, totally uneducated in and with dyslexia as my birth companion, I had to rely on the bald headed ‘ones’ to show me the way. If I forced things with my own logical deductions everything stopped. However if I surrendered everything fell into divine sequence.

So, after telling my yoga teacher about the frustrations and my human manipulations with the game I was trying to bring together, she sweetly said, “ I think you need to surrender Sally.” I left feeling annoyed. Coffee seemed a perfect option to me going home and surrendering.

Westfield was next door. I entered via Spring Street to the food hall. Without warning I heard a commotion and saw at a distance a woman waving her arms in the air, to my horror she was running towards my direction. As she got closer her high pitched trills turned into a word I recognized but did not want to hear. She made a beeline for me. How did she happen to focus purely on me, singing in a high pitched voice the word, surrender? She stopped directly in front of my face with arms still waving about as though I was not paying attention to her, she repeated the long, elongated word sur-ren-der in her unusual high pitched trill. I froze as though suspended in animation. She sang sur-ren-der again. I felt everyone was looking at us, and they were. Once she got her not so subtle point across, she disappeared into the crowd of other shoppers.
This really did happen and I marvel at divine sequence and synchronicity coming at the perfect time for me to become conscious that the higher forces did want me to get the message to surrender and trust in divine sequence so I would succeed in creating a fully functioning, transformational board game. When I did indeed surrender, all that I needed came to me and finally the game of life, “Self Mastery” flowed with precision. SGC

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