Friday, 31 January 2014

February Self Mastery reading

Collective reading for February 2014
Using the same principle for a personal, quick, illuminating Self Mastery reading.

Question: What are the universal collective, empowering insights that will help us move to advance along the lines of our talents and at the same time supporting peaceful solutions for a better world?

The PHYSICAL Doorway says we can all PROSPER: Abundance is a matter of energy and our attitude towards it. ( We can prosper through conflict resolution, connection, and so on)

The EMOTIONAL Doorway asks us to LIBERATE: The best line of action is to stay around long enough to develop and learn the necessary skills to sort out the challenges.

The MENTAL Doorway asks of our thinking to BE VIGILANT: Monitor our thoughts prior to verbalizing our judgements. Good results occur due to positive and carefully chosen words.

The INTUITIVE Doorway asks us to perceive- to use our perception in a way we can - Learn from the failures we have had so we never have to experience them again.

The SPIRIT LIGHT rewards us with Sunrise of Initiation and a Quantum Leap.

Our REVELATION respects Individuality. Holy unions are brought about by understanding, commitment and adjustment in relationships as well as always allowing the breeze to dance between us, countries or world leaders.( In other words never step on another, allow for room of individual beliefs and ways)

The SELF MASTERY Card is POWER: Supply the energy to forge ahead. The power in the ability to exercise control over one’s circumstance and environment. Power is an energy that creates not only material abundance but an inner conviction that no one can usurp our position, whether a country, a group, religion or an individual - or take advantage.
To Master we must master our emotions. Masterminding a project that has the potential to enrich our lives. Out maneuvering our opponents so we create an advantage. Keeping our opposition close so we know what they are up to. Realizing our potential for power. We must acknowledge our weaknesses and strengths and find the power to reclaim our position. We may be challenged by being victimized, wallowing in our stuff, undervaluing ourselves and feeling intimidated by someone else's power.

The Angel of CHALLENGE states - CRITICISM of others is only a reflection of how it is for    us inside. Look at the shadow within, confront it, befriend it and integrate it.

The Angel of DREAMS states - The fool who knows he is foolish and sometimes wrong accepts his vulnerability, but the fool who thinks he is always right is ignorant. What foolish decisions have our leaders made or what foolish decision have I made lately?

The angel of GIFT arrives and provides us with UNDERSTANDING. It says, if  we have conceived the question, we will know the answer in how to move forwards.

The GUARDIAN ANGEL supports us if we feel we have fallen backwards into a drama or depressed state but look ahead and remember the hands of Light reach out to help create peace and elevate us to higher levels of existence. 

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Visionary Dream

Visionary Dream

Night of 28 January 2014 I asked my dreaming self for a dream to support and guide me with
the vision I had written over the Australian long weekend for my business Self Mastery Source. I wanted the higher self to help me focus on expanding Self Mastery Source which is a collective of self development tools, board game, ‘I am’ meditations, Divination cards and more. The only one published so far is the game of life, Self Mastery that takes one into the realms of new possibilities.

Woke at 2.15 am no dream and it took me a couple of hours to go back to sleep. However when I woke again at 7 am ,I was still dreaming. The sleeping and waking dream was linked.
I was able to remember with great clarity the dream downloading through me.

My Dream:
I was beside an innovative leader of new consciousness, a teacher who spoke of how to create a new wave of spiritual illumination. He was a bright light who was helping change the energy of the world through uplifting and inspiring many through his knowledge. I was standing beside him as his apprentice, a student of the vision of new consciousness. He was teaching many thousands how to make a quantum leap into a new field of consciousness so that we could illuminate the world.

At the end of his teaching the crowds were dispersing when a young man, holding a large metal tool came up to me. Whether it was made of silver or platinum I don’t know, but it was in the color of those metals. Holding this unknown tool he came up to me and said he was a mechanic and was giving me a Commodore car and would service it free of charge. I thought to myself I didn’t need a Commodore as I drove a Mercedes. A Commodore was an ordinary car I thought to myself. I told him I didn’t need one but he said that it was mine anyway. He was willing to give of his service free of charge and support me moving forwards. 

Another person spoke to me and said I must have written a fantastic vision to be given such a gift. I said my Vision was to help towards changing the frequency of the world, to create a shift of consciousness with the tools, information, inspiration and techniques to support the mastery of self in the Source of the unlimited.

My question to my dreaming self I had asked that night was - How do I keep my vision alive and what helps me remain confident in moving forwards?
I wonder if by writing a Vision Statement and spending many hours in perfecting it helped my subconsciousness come alive for me to be the dream and the dream to become me?

Writing a Vision, I believe, is of immense importance. The energy is at a high level, a frequency that manifests thought into matter and attracts to it the positive energies like a magnet. Words hold great power.

Clarity about the dream came through Tracy who has shared the journey of Self Mastery with me over the years. Her interpretation of my dream blue me away! I also added to it after further analysis.
The Commodore represents a number of things symbolically.
The Commodore is one of the most successful cars to be sold in Australia and the word Commodore is a ranking above captain and below rear-admiral. Also the Commodore was sold to many, it looks nice but it seems an ordinary car that has shown itself to be extraordinary. It has survived over the years and has become an extraordinary icon for Holden in Australia.
The game of life, Self Mastery seems just a common, ordinary game - just a game - but we have discovered how extraordinary it is, how it guides you into the realms of extraordinary possibilities of discovery, transformation and breakthrough, revealing sometimes confronting truths. It seems to have an energy greater then what is seen.
I had often heard the voice saying. ‘What is ordinary is extraordinary and what is extraordinary is ordinary.’

Symbolically the car moves out on the highways and byways of life, journeys taken by thousands. Self Mastery guides you on a journey gathering information as you go.
A car in a dream represents aspects of yourself, your psychological style, direction in life. By being given a new car brings in a new project, a new way of going about your business. I am no way a business person but perhaps I will grow into believing it and become it. 

The mechanic comes in holding an unknown tool. Self Mastery is called a tool for self development and not a game. A mechanic maintains order and is skilled with all sorts of technical systems and electronic systems. I certainly need a person who knows about IT.
Tracy said I was also the essence of the Commodore internally, just an ordinary person that was given a download with the game of life, Self Mastery dropping into me with the light bulb blazing. Time is right to attract the perfect people to help me, I thought.

In all cases with dreams, the dreamer is every animate and inanimate object within the dream.

The Vision Statement I wrote two days prior to the dream for Self Mastery Source follows:

Our vision is to use innovative, inspiring and spiritual tools that guide the people of the world to their highest potential, new states of consciousness and mastery.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

29 January 2014

How to create a succinct and instant Self Mastery Source personal reading.

Set your game board base up with the 11 Card groupings placed in their respective areas.

For example: The Self Mastery Cards sit at the apex, with the Revelation cards on the word Revelation. Spirit Light at the centre followed by The Intuitive Doorway Cards, Mental Doorway Cards, Emotional Doorway Cards to the Physical Doorway Card which is placed at the bottom near The Void.

Place the Dream, Guardian Angel, Challenge and Dream Cards on their respective corners.

A photo shows you the layout pattern but it is self explanatory as the board base illustrates the sections.

No dice or talisman are used, nor symbol booklets. This is an instant, empowering, hugely accurate way of receiving guidance.

Light a candle.

Write your question in your journal and date it.

Shuffle all the card groupings with your question in mind.

Zen the board as in its perfection it creates a perfect portal for the perfect guidance.

Turn the top card over of all 11 groupings. Zen the piles again. A photo shows how it looks.

Start writing in first tense. Start with the Physical Doorway Card, moving upwards through all the doorways, Spirit Light, Revelation and finally the Self Mastery Card. If you have any epiphanies, write them down between each of the card sections.

Follow on with Challenge Card, Dream, Gift and finally the Guardian Angel Card.

My Question:
How do I move into my highest potential in order to utilize my skills and talents in expanding Self mastery Source so it is globally connected and financially rewarding?

On the Physical Plane my action is to MATERIALIZE: I must never settle for less than the best as I am capable of materializing anything I put my focus on.

In my Emotions I need to UNIFY: Despite all the differences in beliefs and circumstances, I will find things easier if I learn to row together with my heart and head.

My Mental Plane says UNBLOCK: I need to ask in what sense have my difficulties been perfect for my growth. I answer this with - They have made me more determined to release the dictates of teachers who told me I would never amount to anything.

The Intuitive Plane asks me to REFLECT and perceive differently but also change my habitual questions. I write down my habitual questions - Am I good enough to charge money?
Do I have the courage to take the game and products to a higher level? Can I get over my fear of technology and the belief that I am stupid? I reread what I write and reflect.

My Spirit Light Card supports ACTUALIZATION. I will receive impressions and hunches about which path to take, who to trust and which situation best suits my individual needs. Synchronicity is working.

My Self Mastery Card gives me REVELATION bringing into existence, spiritual breakthrough and discovery. I will have revealed to me and insight that is astonishing and an experience that points me in an empowering direction and a message that brings me the truth. I will receive Divine inspiration, Divine intervention, pure magic, illumination and new awareness.

Self Mastery is awakening my sleeping energies, courage, belief in my self, power, magic, brilliance and confidence. As I master I manifest the spark within to shed light on the secrets and wake up and activate my Vision.
My action is to act on my hunches, reveal my true colors, and take notes as I go. I wrote my true colors are exceptional creativity, genius of ideas and a higher frequency where I can create unlimited possibilities. (Am I scared of my true colors?)
My challenge is to stop trying to do everything in a hurry ( didn’t agree with this but I understand I want it all done - so I have a sense of urgency. As I have always said, ‘step by sure step’) The Self Mastery card asks me to listen to what others are saying, wake up and open my eyes and don’t feign ignorance.

From the angel of CHALLENGE I am asked to LIGHTEN UP. For if I continue to to fear through the thought of lack ( lack of talent, lack of confidence lack of money to produce the products, cards CD’s Self Mastery Source Cards) the lack will remain. The angel says - there is no reality to your fears.

The angel of DREAMS asks me these questions. Do I lean heavily on my emotional crutches? I write- Yes, the voice of the lower mind sends me into an emotional negativity and self doubt.
The angel of Dreams continues with another question - Then how do you peel away the layers to explore the vulnerability of the shadow? I answer by writing - Be true to myself and know the shadow is only the darker aspect of me - I let my thinking and emotions get between me and the light and create my own shadow of self doubt. The angle of Dreams then says, Mastery coms from integrating the positive and negative sides to create the whole.

The angel of GIFT arrives at the top of the pile and provides me with UNDERSTANDING. It says, if I have conceived the question, I will know the answer. (How true!)

The GUARDIAN ANGEL Card asks me to remember my dreams and desires and then I will find everything becomes easier.
I add my Mission and Vision Statements because these are my dreams and desires.
Mission Statement
Self Mastery Source is committed to impact the world with inspirational, innovative and exploratory tools that form gateways of possibilities through which a new stream of consciousness flows for self-discovery, transformation, empowerment, healing, solutions and mastery.
Vision Statement: Self Mastery Source.
Our vision is to use innovative, inspiring and spiritual tools that guide the people of the world to their highest potential, new states of consciousness and mastery.

Friday, 27 April 2012

The Decision

“The Decision”
There is a feeling that we, the collective are moving away from what we have known as the ‘reality’ of what is. The ‘reality’ that we have experienced - control, wars, poverty, sickness, lack and so on. Why?
Ahh divine children of light, why are you grieving the movement away from this reality?
Are you preoccupied with those things that keep your true self asleep, keeping your human ego intact?
By moving through the portals of the unfamiliar you grieve and it is in this tunnel, moving from darkness into light where you remain in the middle, fearful to return to what was and fearful to go forwards into the unknown.
It is the journey through this tunnel that fear traps you. You can not see the truth, that the light is the source of all possibilities. But you only see fear where you are now because of the rulership of the past experiences and that of the logical mind. Do you not wonder why you can not heal your physical, emotional, psychological and psychic body. Past issues render you frozen in fear.
You are all beginning to experience issues that have you stuck in work you hate, stuck in relationships that no longer serve your highest good, stuck in fear of failure, stuck in ‘what is’ Everything seems to be crumbling due to the fear of taking the step to the end of the tunnel, into what you say is the unknown. How can it support me if I leave my job, I have no money, how will I live, how can I heal myself, how can my dreams come true, where is my courage? - and on it goes.
Go towards the light - the source of unlimited possibilities.
Yet you remain frozen limiting yourself and restricting your ability to trust in the possibilities that await you.
The more you remain frozen in a state of fear you are open to being shattered but if you thaw you remain flexible and will become aware that it is your choice to change the reality of ‘what is’. It requires trust and belief in self.
The closer you step towards what you think you fear, you see a precipice. Your perception is that there is nothing to support you, no job, no money, no healing, no dream becoming a reality - no-thingness.There is nothing to hold onto so you say you can not go blindly onto the edge.

The longer you stay fixed on the spot frozen in analysis, and excuses why you can’t or won’t  the longer it takes to get what you so desire. Everything slows down, and the repetition begins. Healing takes time, money is slow, procrastination continues, it takes so long to get over a problem, a restrictive belief pattern, nothing seems to change, the job remains debilitating, your relationships stay suspended, your journey slows, and the dis-ease keeps eating you away.

What if! Just what if you stepped towards the end of the tunnel and decided to take a leap of faith into the unknown, the untried and did things you had no idea of how they will turn out.
You leave your job, you enter into a new arena, you teach a workshop, you make the contact, you take the bull by the horns and make the trade, open a business, do what you have said you have wanted to do, and yet have no idea how it will turn out. Perhaps you will have a healing, or a miracle, or supplied with everything you need - you will never know.
Well dear children of light take that leap because what happens is an explosion of oneness, of creativity, of confidence, a passionate expansion, a quickening, an exhilaration, an immediate expansion. As we have always said you are powerful beyond measure.

Make “The Decision” - it is only a decision that changes everything. How can you be stuck when the decision takes you to the edge? The edge of what? You are free and when you are free in comes everything that you need, an offer of a job, an instant healing, a win, a passion to forge ahead, a phenomenal offer of help, synchronicity abounds, divine sequence manifests and the universe shows you there is unlimited potential in this rare and raw state that lightens your load. You heal on all levels.
No longer are you stuck, or leaded down but flow like molten gold creating the alchemy of golden opportunities. It only takes that one decision, whatever that is for you to change your life. Stop looking at what is to what it is you want. What is it that you want?
When “The Decision” is made it doesn’t seem to be hard anymore, blockages seem to disappear, the right people come in, the meeting is successful, all becomes unlimited because you stepped into the unknown by letting go of the logic mind of what is, by letting go of the ego mind of fear.
Make no more excuses no matter how valid they seem.
Oh yes you will ask the question: Can I do this?
Well all you need to do is make ‘that’ decision and everything changes, it is that easy.
Move into your new phase now.
Remember a time divine children of light when you made a decision, it came to you all of a sudden, like a flash, an illumination of Light and you saw with inner eyes and in an instant everything changed. 

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Ego Patterns

    We are all given visions in one form or another throughout our lives, even if what we see and hear may be ignored, over analyzed or rationalized by our logical brain. Nevertheless, if we become conscious of the gifts given behind the eyes our spiritual world would be rich indeed. Guidance helped me see something greater than my self.

     Guidance on Ego Patterns
    All of life is made up of energy patterns that are a reflection of the God Force. Interference and control diminishes the patterns purity . Manipulating, distorting and scrambling pure patterns already perfect, dims the Light.

     Guidance flows within the Light, forever the Light and yet the interference blinds you into unconsciousness.

      If all things are in Divine Order, you are All things in Divine Order. You are learning lessons about your humanness, consciously seeing, monitoring, involving, evolving, viewing, questioning, detailing, for the purpose of making sense of life.

    You are all awakening into the Light but may not see at first what is staring at you. You are learning the perfect lessons in order to wake from a deep sleep.

     You were once and still are all that you have been and will always be in the Spirit of Love where magic resides. All is possible in the realms of love.

     As you fall back to sleep, the ego’s emotions separate you from your true self and create a separate pattern, devoid of your Divine True Self, the pure pattern of love.

     The pattern of Life Spirit Energy is total and yet the human mind-ego strays to become a stranger in a strange land. To make it familiar and comfortable the ego state makes excuses why it feels threatened, isolated, inferior, hurt, unloved, betrayed because it is the heavy mind ego creating these patterns to fight the things the Soul Spirit loves.

     The Spirit Light is unchangeable, it is home, it is a familiar essence, it is Source, it is bliss and purity with no perception or conception of fear to exist. You all know peace, bliss and yet you become anxious when you think outside forces are controlling you. This is your ego pattern for controlling separation.  
You are powerful beyond measure.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Healing Reflection

On Healing

I asked for guidance about creating a better option for healing myself, other than having an operation. Perhaps if I got to the bottom of the problem I might release the blockage.
I have come to understand that physical problems do not happen over night. They have been building over years of emotional, physical, or mentally abuse by self. 
The following guidance is for those who wish to see there is a glimmer of light within understanding other realities. My guidance does not dismiss Allopathic medicine but gives an alternate perspective to the conventional.
I have found that when a physical problem manifests, it is an opportunity to grow. We  begin to wake up.
Isn’t it amazing how we have to look at ourselves when pain continues to assert its annoying presence. It doesn’t leave us alone, it continues and we continue to do something about it either through conventional medicine or, in my case alternative ways. I have chosen to look at the underlying issues buried within. Not that I knew that these problems had been unconsciously forming over many years.
My issue is with the unresolved stuff that has gathered in my right hip. This is where I have calcified the emotions - where I have felt unacknowledged and unappreciated- where I have laid my guilt and frustration - where I have made the excuse for not moving forward.


Divine children of light, we come with a pertinent message for those wishing to heal. What concerns you on the physical plane, heals by using the Divine Intelligence of your body through the Divine Intelligence of spirit. In the quantum realm there is of no concern in our terms as it is an illusion of damage caused by your thinking and the episodes of running away from those things you need to face. How often do you bury emotional or mental pain and replace it with resentment, annoyance, guilt, anger, fear, feelings of irritation, frustration, conflict - the emotions are endless, the mind is in constant analysis.
Will you encapsulate it in the seed of forgiveness?
As you take the road of least resistance there is no resistance nor blockages up ahead for there is only NOW. Keep in mind the reflection from ‘above’ is WON

You are a creative lot, yes I am speaking to you. Your blockages are created through your mind that delivers an emotional response. How can healing come out of resentment or any of the other emotions. These emotions do no equate to healing and if you bury them they start to grow. Take away the held on emotions and release allows the healing power of divine intelligence to get into action.
Look at now - forgive yourself for looking for things outside yourself - look within. Make peace with yourself. Wake up to the fact that you alone create your reality and everything in it has been orchestrated by you. Once you introduce your heart to your head, you can soften the ruler ship of the mind telling you of your emotional response. Find peace.

Is healing a process of life that we are encouraged to endure, surrender to and connect, to that which is our Spiritual Intelligence?

 Some of you have given in to passing over - not in death - but in passing over your power to outside influences. Some of you are experiencing financial issues - in giving away your power through fear of poverty and loss takes you further into debt. It is the nature of magnetic attraction to attract to you your fears of lack - as it is with health issues, career issues and relationship issues.
Some of you are lost in health issues. Fear sends you scurrying to outside authorities. I ask you this - who knows your body better than anyone else, who lives in your body? - you do - how can you expect the answers to be given from the outside of you, when clearly the issue is inside. 
This does not mean you do nothing and ignore the problem, nor does it mean to get a fix through a band-aid. It means that you need to start cleansing and changing your pattern.

If you create all problems in the first place - if you create them you can un-create them or re-create yourself by starting to cleanse on all planes by changing your belief patterns. Material and physical problems are never allocated to the physical plane alone.
How many of you have experienced unresolved problems in work, and relationship, all contributing to un-wellness.

It may start in the mind, and seep into the emotional plane, dumping problems in the physical body.  You make excuses that outside influences have been responsible and you remain stuck in your patterns. The hurdles come faster and faster. You need to both surrender and take command.

We say this to you, yes divine soul I am talking to you - we come with light and love and know the immense stress that is occurring on Earth on all planes of existence.-  Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual being affected by the shift of energy consciousness. We suggest that by full participation and involvement with that which you fear - perhaps you are confronted by an emotional issue and called to account, or involved in situations and experiences that seem never ending challenges, or shocking human reactions, or unexpected happenings, or sudden passing of those close to you, or your own health fails - we could go on, but we know you get the picture.

Here is your light -
Become the hurdles instead of looking at the hurdles that are in front of you. You are exhausted, yes, you are tired and we say dead tired.

Most of you are exhausted through human effort and the hurdles remain, gathering in front of you like cells multiplying uncontrollable. - life use to be so easy! - life use to be so simple!
Why has it all become so much harder and faster?
Because divine souls you are beginning to wake up to see that the hurdles are of your own making.

It is in experiencing self imposed illusions that increase the density of the hurdles. It is remaining in the past upsets that create the hurdles. Things are speeding up - the hurdles come one after another, faster and faster.

We give you the metaphor of the runner who jumps the hurdles - firstly they practice, they purify their body, they psyche themselves up, they practice focus on the moment of NOW - their training is extensive, physically, mentally and emotionally - and one day they surrender to the hurdle - they see themselves on the other side and do not focus on the hurdle as a barrier. They endure their practice, they continue to focus on the outcome. One day the hurdle is no longer a barrier for they know it is an illusion of the mind and they have surrendered to the moment of NOW and they have WON

Divine souls this is where you are at, and this is the time where the race surrenders to the age of Spiritual Illumination and with ease find peace. Dissolve the illusion of hurdles and break free in this perfect moment of NOW.

Continue with your full participation and run your life as though you have already WON.

I laughed when given this guidance. How can I run a race and jump my hurdles when I have a damaged hip?
Cleanse the emotions and the illusions you have created. Be in the moment of NOW and you have WON-ONE

Monday, 25 April 2011

When in Doubt do Nothing

When in doubt, do nothing.

As a child I was very creative, but there were times when I was bored and wanted suggestions that might fulfill my desire to do something magic. At these times of lacking motivation, or the inability to move through a problem, I would ask my mother this question, “What can I do now?”
My mother always repeated these infuriating words.
“When in doubt do nothing!”

This drove me mad as a child as I always wanted her to give me a clue to the next step to take.
Now she has passed over, I still find myself asking her this blasted question, “What can I do?

She continues to answer, “When in doubt do nothing!”
My guides say to me, “Stop pushing your bolder up the mountain. Sit on the bolder and meditate.”
I reckon my mother’s words and the words of spirit basically mean the same thing.
So for the last seven days I have been ignoring guidance and pushing my boulder up the mountain.
“At least I am doing something Mum!” I yell out of sheer frustration and upset.
As a child I got over my problems and boredom quickly and moved on to the next creative idea.  As an adult I have years of armoring making the pushing of my bolder up the mountain painful and self defeating. It has come to pass that the bolder rolled back over me and flattened me something terrible.
How perfect for Easter to fall at the same time of my bolder crucifixion. I have died a terrible death due to personal challenges. Today I have risen and am ascending to a new level of understanding.
Resurrection only comes when surrender is adhered too. I hope you have read the story about Surrender on my blog.
The creative juices are beginning to form again as I sit on my bolder and meditate.
When Mum said, “When in doubt, do nothing!” I didn’t get it.

I now know what she really meant - Sit still and go within. In doing nothing a new cell of creative possibility forms. Out of nothing something is born.

The following is taken from one of the forty-four Mastery Cards in the, about to be released Spiritual Self Mastery. The original blueprint board game, Self Mastery is available on
When I read the Spiritual Self Mastery Card “Resurrection” I thanked the Universe for helping me through the last few days of absolute frustration, humiliation, upset and fear.

To rise above limiting beliefs, to be fully alive, to be free, to continue.
Resurrection is the ability to get up when the chips are down resurrecting what is left and creating a magnificent company, teaching-course, product or partnership. It is taking what is left and starting again. Phoenix rising from the ashes.
SELF MASTERY is: Freeing self from situations caused by obsessive and negative thoughts. Freeing the voice of the victim from the dungeon of repression. Living life as a victor - no longer afraid of what others think. Releasing old inherited patterns. Finding a way to achieve the dream.
ACTION: Live every day as though it is your last. Keep going no matter what. Release resentment. Change gear and direction. Sit and meditate.
CHALLENGE: Thwarted expectations, forgiveness, powerlessness, crucifixion.