Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Divine Metamorphosis

Divine souls, we bring you exquisite news of impending breakthrough. The density you have felt in approximately the last 11 years now shatters. Metamorphosis is upon you. Who would of thought that each One of you, yes I am talking to you, would have dared contemplate that the perfect metamorphosis is about to take form.

You have come a long way and worked hard and persistently. Like a caterpillar who whittles down the tree - the tree of life which it has been given to consume, utilize and experience as a sacred and natural journey. After such a journey the tree is bare, there is nothing left but to surrender, spin your cocoon and wait. This you have done.

Here you had a dream that you are beginning to remember. Remember what? To remember that One day you would birth into a new form of consciousness.

In your cocoon you dreamed you broke free from limiting beliefs. The dream has woken you and opened you to remembering who you truly are - unlimited. Did you ever think that the caterpillar would become the butterfly? How could you when it surrendered to its journey and followed the natural process as you are doing now.

Your awakening has begun after much internal preparation. The breeze calls you to break free and whispers, “Come to the edge of the unknown.”

The voice whispers again, “Jump into the expansive, eternal Universe.”
You will feel a sense of excitement and yet know not what it is that calls you to transform.

As natural as it is for the butterfly, you let go and fly on the currents of new life. You have responded to the call. Your life blossoms as you follow the call of you internal voice, as you wake to the beauty of that which you are.

Dear souls, how many of you now fly to greater heights. You will know that there is something different as others remind you that you look different somehow, that you have an all embracing energy. Well divine One, you have raised your frequency to attune to the break through  into The Age of Aquarius, the age of spiritual transformation and metamorphosis - from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Go in Peace, for it is so.

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