Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Healing Reflection

On Healing

I asked for guidance about creating a better option for healing myself, other than having an operation. Perhaps if I got to the bottom of the problem I might release the blockage.
I have come to understand that physical problems do not happen over night. They have been building over years of emotional, physical, or mentally abuse by self. 
The following guidance is for those who wish to see there is a glimmer of light within understanding other realities. My guidance does not dismiss Allopathic medicine but gives an alternate perspective to the conventional.
I have found that when a physical problem manifests, it is an opportunity to grow. We  begin to wake up.
Isn’t it amazing how we have to look at ourselves when pain continues to assert its annoying presence. It doesn’t leave us alone, it continues and we continue to do something about it either through conventional medicine or, in my case alternative ways. I have chosen to look at the underlying issues buried within. Not that I knew that these problems had been unconsciously forming over many years.
My issue is with the unresolved stuff that has gathered in my right hip. This is where I have calcified the emotions - where I have felt unacknowledged and unappreciated- where I have laid my guilt and frustration - where I have made the excuse for not moving forward.


Divine children of light, we come with a pertinent message for those wishing to heal. What concerns you on the physical plane, heals by using the Divine Intelligence of your body through the Divine Intelligence of spirit. In the quantum realm there is of no concern in our terms as it is an illusion of damage caused by your thinking and the episodes of running away from those things you need to face. How often do you bury emotional or mental pain and replace it with resentment, annoyance, guilt, anger, fear, feelings of irritation, frustration, conflict - the emotions are endless, the mind is in constant analysis.
Will you encapsulate it in the seed of forgiveness?
As you take the road of least resistance there is no resistance nor blockages up ahead for there is only NOW. Keep in mind the reflection from ‘above’ is WON

You are a creative lot, yes I am speaking to you. Your blockages are created through your mind that delivers an emotional response. How can healing come out of resentment or any of the other emotions. These emotions do no equate to healing and if you bury them they start to grow. Take away the held on emotions and release allows the healing power of divine intelligence to get into action.
Look at now - forgive yourself for looking for things outside yourself - look within. Make peace with yourself. Wake up to the fact that you alone create your reality and everything in it has been orchestrated by you. Once you introduce your heart to your head, you can soften the ruler ship of the mind telling you of your emotional response. Find peace.

Is healing a process of life that we are encouraged to endure, surrender to and connect, to that which is our Spiritual Intelligence?

 Some of you have given in to passing over - not in death - but in passing over your power to outside influences. Some of you are experiencing financial issues - in giving away your power through fear of poverty and loss takes you further into debt. It is the nature of magnetic attraction to attract to you your fears of lack - as it is with health issues, career issues and relationship issues.
Some of you are lost in health issues. Fear sends you scurrying to outside authorities. I ask you this - who knows your body better than anyone else, who lives in your body? - you do - how can you expect the answers to be given from the outside of you, when clearly the issue is inside. 
This does not mean you do nothing and ignore the problem, nor does it mean to get a fix through a band-aid. It means that you need to start cleansing and changing your pattern.

If you create all problems in the first place - if you create them you can un-create them or re-create yourself by starting to cleanse on all planes by changing your belief patterns. Material and physical problems are never allocated to the physical plane alone.
How many of you have experienced unresolved problems in work, and relationship, all contributing to un-wellness.

It may start in the mind, and seep into the emotional plane, dumping problems in the physical body.  You make excuses that outside influences have been responsible and you remain stuck in your patterns. The hurdles come faster and faster. You need to both surrender and take command.

We say this to you, yes divine soul I am talking to you - we come with light and love and know the immense stress that is occurring on Earth on all planes of existence.-  Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual being affected by the shift of energy consciousness. We suggest that by full participation and involvement with that which you fear - perhaps you are confronted by an emotional issue and called to account, or involved in situations and experiences that seem never ending challenges, or shocking human reactions, or unexpected happenings, or sudden passing of those close to you, or your own health fails - we could go on, but we know you get the picture.

Here is your light -
Become the hurdles instead of looking at the hurdles that are in front of you. You are exhausted, yes, you are tired and we say dead tired.

Most of you are exhausted through human effort and the hurdles remain, gathering in front of you like cells multiplying uncontrollable. - life use to be so easy! - life use to be so simple!
Why has it all become so much harder and faster?
Because divine souls you are beginning to wake up to see that the hurdles are of your own making.

It is in experiencing self imposed illusions that increase the density of the hurdles. It is remaining in the past upsets that create the hurdles. Things are speeding up - the hurdles come one after another, faster and faster.

We give you the metaphor of the runner who jumps the hurdles - firstly they practice, they purify their body, they psyche themselves up, they practice focus on the moment of NOW - their training is extensive, physically, mentally and emotionally - and one day they surrender to the hurdle - they see themselves on the other side and do not focus on the hurdle as a barrier. They endure their practice, they continue to focus on the outcome. One day the hurdle is no longer a barrier for they know it is an illusion of the mind and they have surrendered to the moment of NOW and they have WON

Divine souls this is where you are at, and this is the time where the race surrenders to the age of Spiritual Illumination and with ease find peace. Dissolve the illusion of hurdles and break free in this perfect moment of NOW.

Continue with your full participation and run your life as though you have already WON.

I laughed when given this guidance. How can I run a race and jump my hurdles when I have a damaged hip?
Cleanse the emotions and the illusions you have created. Be in the moment of NOW and you have WON-ONE

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