Sunday, 27 March 2011

Earth Changes

Guidance about physical challenges. Irregularities in physical functions

    Divine souls, yes I am talking to you. We know you are all feeling a sense of imbalance due to the many physical and emotional changes going on in your solar system and bodily systems.

    It is time of great change and the physical aspects of your planet is at the heart of change - there lies the physical issues for “the Sensitives”. Yes I am talking to you. I know you feel the shifts happening in Gaia. She is your mirror. Shift with her and the body begins to pump at a different level thus changing the rate of your heart beat and your rhythms. Dizziness is also part of the rotation of Earth which is occurring at a different rate and another frequency level. This is by no means insignificant. It must be attended to and brought into alignment. Attune by making sounds. Have you not heard children repeat sounds, tunes, words, mindlessly playing with the rhythm of their personal moment. They know how to balance, for they are so closely connected to their spiritual dimensions, not yet banished by societies norms or limiting beliefs.

    As with the irregular spin, the irregular beat, the irregular flow of energy is all part of the earth changes and it is a matter of regulating your spin, your beat, and the pumping of the heart to work in unison with the new energies at which Gaia has moved into.

    The heart beat is the Source of the magnetic field and you are all open to the new rhythm at it shows as an irregular spin, an irregular beat and an irregular energy causing the body to shudder into place as it evolves into a different frequency, rhythm, and sequence. Has not the earth been turned upside down by the earthquakes?

    It is part of change and movement into forming the interconnectiveness of all who live on Earth.
Do not concern yourself with the fear that perhaps you will die, have a heart attack, or fall off the earth in a sense of imbalance and dizziness, not being able to get your bearings and unable to bring yourself into alignment.

    The bodies are refining to this new dimensional pull, the beat is changing, the spin is accelerating - centering yourself is the clue - like a tornado - if you are in the centre all is still, if you are on the peripheral all is chaotic. Go with the flow, go with the new beat, relax into it without fear.

    You have become allergic to you own fear or blame that which is outside yourself or that which you have put into your mouth. The bodily system is affected by fear. Fear comes from a sense of not knowing what is occurring.

    As “Sensitives” you sense but can not mentally understand for you have never experienced these energy patterns before - NEVER - not even in other lifetimes so we say to you all go with the flow and make no sense of it in your mind because it will make no sense! The more you try and work it out, the more fear builds and the more you place heaviness on you delicate systems.

    Ride the wave without fear and remember you create your reality and most of your problems are a creation of imbalance and fear. As you pick up on energies that are unfamiliar you will not be able to make sense of them- can you? - So you try and figure it out and blame other things that make sense to you.

    Ask this question- Do you think it is perhaps the changes going on with the frequencies of higher dimensions and the magnetic field of ascension? You will hear - YES- and yet you will nor be able to cope with that because it makes no earthly sense- how can it when you have no understanding of the new frequencies- they have never been part of your system. It is therefore essential to flow with the physical systems no matter how great the physical challenge is. Say to yourself - this will pass - this is aligning me - this is what my physical body has to do to be in sequence and rhythm with Ascension, in rhythm, in balance, beating in unison, spinning without spinning, slotting in as ONE.

What you have equated to outside yourself will return even if the outside influence is no longer. Fear brings back any  physical symptoms you have been contending with lately. It is in need of realigning, flowing with, finding your center and all is still and the frequency changes - the magnetic changes of new energies fall into silence- stillness- centeredness- and you ascend to a higher dimensional frequency of the Aquarian Age of new possibilities.

    All is possible and the shift has begun in earnest. Go in peace for it is so- so be it.

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