Friday, 31 January 2014

February Self Mastery reading

Collective reading for February 2014
Using the same principle for a personal, quick, illuminating Self Mastery reading.

Question: What are the universal collective, empowering insights that will help us move to advance along the lines of our talents and at the same time supporting peaceful solutions for a better world?

The PHYSICAL Doorway says we can all PROSPER: Abundance is a matter of energy and our attitude towards it. ( We can prosper through conflict resolution, connection, and so on)

The EMOTIONAL Doorway asks us to LIBERATE: The best line of action is to stay around long enough to develop and learn the necessary skills to sort out the challenges.

The MENTAL Doorway asks of our thinking to BE VIGILANT: Monitor our thoughts prior to verbalizing our judgements. Good results occur due to positive and carefully chosen words.

The INTUITIVE Doorway asks us to perceive- to use our perception in a way we can - Learn from the failures we have had so we never have to experience them again.

The SPIRIT LIGHT rewards us with Sunrise of Initiation and a Quantum Leap.

Our REVELATION respects Individuality. Holy unions are brought about by understanding, commitment and adjustment in relationships as well as always allowing the breeze to dance between us, countries or world leaders.( In other words never step on another, allow for room of individual beliefs and ways)

The SELF MASTERY Card is POWER: Supply the energy to forge ahead. The power in the ability to exercise control over one’s circumstance and environment. Power is an energy that creates not only material abundance but an inner conviction that no one can usurp our position, whether a country, a group, religion or an individual - or take advantage.
To Master we must master our emotions. Masterminding a project that has the potential to enrich our lives. Out maneuvering our opponents so we create an advantage. Keeping our opposition close so we know what they are up to. Realizing our potential for power. We must acknowledge our weaknesses and strengths and find the power to reclaim our position. We may be challenged by being victimized, wallowing in our stuff, undervaluing ourselves and feeling intimidated by someone else's power.

The Angel of CHALLENGE states - CRITICISM of others is only a reflection of how it is for    us inside. Look at the shadow within, confront it, befriend it and integrate it.

The Angel of DREAMS states - The fool who knows he is foolish and sometimes wrong accepts his vulnerability, but the fool who thinks he is always right is ignorant. What foolish decisions have our leaders made or what foolish decision have I made lately?

The angel of GIFT arrives and provides us with UNDERSTANDING. It says, if  we have conceived the question, we will know the answer in how to move forwards.

The GUARDIAN ANGEL supports us if we feel we have fallen backwards into a drama or depressed state but look ahead and remember the hands of Light reach out to help create peace and elevate us to higher levels of existence. 

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