Friday, 27 April 2012

The Decision

“The Decision”
There is a feeling that we, the collective are moving away from what we have known as the ‘reality’ of what is. The ‘reality’ that we have experienced - control, wars, poverty, sickness, lack and so on. Why?
Ahh divine children of light, why are you grieving the movement away from this reality?
Are you preoccupied with those things that keep your true self asleep, keeping your human ego intact?
By moving through the portals of the unfamiliar you grieve and it is in this tunnel, moving from darkness into light where you remain in the middle, fearful to return to what was and fearful to go forwards into the unknown.
It is the journey through this tunnel that fear traps you. You can not see the truth, that the light is the source of all possibilities. But you only see fear where you are now because of the rulership of the past experiences and that of the logical mind. Do you not wonder why you can not heal your physical, emotional, psychological and psychic body. Past issues render you frozen in fear.
You are all beginning to experience issues that have you stuck in work you hate, stuck in relationships that no longer serve your highest good, stuck in fear of failure, stuck in ‘what is’ Everything seems to be crumbling due to the fear of taking the step to the end of the tunnel, into what you say is the unknown. How can it support me if I leave my job, I have no money, how will I live, how can I heal myself, how can my dreams come true, where is my courage? - and on it goes.
Go towards the light - the source of unlimited possibilities.
Yet you remain frozen limiting yourself and restricting your ability to trust in the possibilities that await you.
The more you remain frozen in a state of fear you are open to being shattered but if you thaw you remain flexible and will become aware that it is your choice to change the reality of ‘what is’. It requires trust and belief in self.
The closer you step towards what you think you fear, you see a precipice. Your perception is that there is nothing to support you, no job, no money, no healing, no dream becoming a reality - no-thingness.There is nothing to hold onto so you say you can not go blindly onto the edge.

The longer you stay fixed on the spot frozen in analysis, and excuses why you can’t or won’t  the longer it takes to get what you so desire. Everything slows down, and the repetition begins. Healing takes time, money is slow, procrastination continues, it takes so long to get over a problem, a restrictive belief pattern, nothing seems to change, the job remains debilitating, your relationships stay suspended, your journey slows, and the dis-ease keeps eating you away.

What if! Just what if you stepped towards the end of the tunnel and decided to take a leap of faith into the unknown, the untried and did things you had no idea of how they will turn out.
You leave your job, you enter into a new arena, you teach a workshop, you make the contact, you take the bull by the horns and make the trade, open a business, do what you have said you have wanted to do, and yet have no idea how it will turn out. Perhaps you will have a healing, or a miracle, or supplied with everything you need - you will never know.
Well dear children of light take that leap because what happens is an explosion of oneness, of creativity, of confidence, a passionate expansion, a quickening, an exhilaration, an immediate expansion. As we have always said you are powerful beyond measure.

Make “The Decision” - it is only a decision that changes everything. How can you be stuck when the decision takes you to the edge? The edge of what? You are free and when you are free in comes everything that you need, an offer of a job, an instant healing, a win, a passion to forge ahead, a phenomenal offer of help, synchronicity abounds, divine sequence manifests and the universe shows you there is unlimited potential in this rare and raw state that lightens your load. You heal on all levels.
No longer are you stuck, or leaded down but flow like molten gold creating the alchemy of golden opportunities. It only takes that one decision, whatever that is for you to change your life. Stop looking at what is to what it is you want. What is it that you want?
When “The Decision” is made it doesn’t seem to be hard anymore, blockages seem to disappear, the right people come in, the meeting is successful, all becomes unlimited because you stepped into the unknown by letting go of the logic mind of what is, by letting go of the ego mind of fear.
Make no more excuses no matter how valid they seem.
Oh yes you will ask the question: Can I do this?
Well all you need to do is make ‘that’ decision and everything changes, it is that easy.
Move into your new phase now.
Remember a time divine children of light when you made a decision, it came to you all of a sudden, like a flash, an illumination of Light and you saw with inner eyes and in an instant everything changed. 

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