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29 January 2014

How to create a succinct and instant Self Mastery Source personal reading.

Set your game board base up with the 11 Card groupings placed in their respective areas.

For example: The Self Mastery Cards sit at the apex, with the Revelation cards on the word Revelation. Spirit Light at the centre followed by The Intuitive Doorway Cards, Mental Doorway Cards, Emotional Doorway Cards to the Physical Doorway Card which is placed at the bottom near The Void.

Place the Dream, Guardian Angel, Challenge and Dream Cards on their respective corners.

A photo shows you the layout pattern but it is self explanatory as the board base illustrates the sections.

No dice or talisman are used, nor symbol booklets. This is an instant, empowering, hugely accurate way of receiving guidance.

Light a candle.

Write your question in your journal and date it.

Shuffle all the card groupings with your question in mind.

Zen the board as in its perfection it creates a perfect portal for the perfect guidance.

Turn the top card over of all 11 groupings. Zen the piles again. A photo shows how it looks.

Start writing in first tense. Start with the Physical Doorway Card, moving upwards through all the doorways, Spirit Light, Revelation and finally the Self Mastery Card. If you have any epiphanies, write them down between each of the card sections.

Follow on with Challenge Card, Dream, Gift and finally the Guardian Angel Card.

My Question:
How do I move into my highest potential in order to utilize my skills and talents in expanding Self mastery Source so it is globally connected and financially rewarding?

On the Physical Plane my action is to MATERIALIZE: I must never settle for less than the best as I am capable of materializing anything I put my focus on.

In my Emotions I need to UNIFY: Despite all the differences in beliefs and circumstances, I will find things easier if I learn to row together with my heart and head.

My Mental Plane says UNBLOCK: I need to ask in what sense have my difficulties been perfect for my growth. I answer this with - They have made me more determined to release the dictates of teachers who told me I would never amount to anything.

The Intuitive Plane asks me to REFLECT and perceive differently but also change my habitual questions. I write down my habitual questions - Am I good enough to charge money?
Do I have the courage to take the game and products to a higher level? Can I get over my fear of technology and the belief that I am stupid? I reread what I write and reflect.

My Spirit Light Card supports ACTUALIZATION. I will receive impressions and hunches about which path to take, who to trust and which situation best suits my individual needs. Synchronicity is working.

My Self Mastery Card gives me REVELATION bringing into existence, spiritual breakthrough and discovery. I will have revealed to me and insight that is astonishing and an experience that points me in an empowering direction and a message that brings me the truth. I will receive Divine inspiration, Divine intervention, pure magic, illumination and new awareness.

Self Mastery is awakening my sleeping energies, courage, belief in my self, power, magic, brilliance and confidence. As I master I manifest the spark within to shed light on the secrets and wake up and activate my Vision.
My action is to act on my hunches, reveal my true colors, and take notes as I go. I wrote my true colors are exceptional creativity, genius of ideas and a higher frequency where I can create unlimited possibilities. (Am I scared of my true colors?)
My challenge is to stop trying to do everything in a hurry ( didn’t agree with this but I understand I want it all done - so I have a sense of urgency. As I have always said, ‘step by sure step’) The Self Mastery card asks me to listen to what others are saying, wake up and open my eyes and don’t feign ignorance.

From the angel of CHALLENGE I am asked to LIGHTEN UP. For if I continue to to fear through the thought of lack ( lack of talent, lack of confidence lack of money to produce the products, cards CD’s Self Mastery Source Cards) the lack will remain. The angel says - there is no reality to your fears.

The angel of DREAMS asks me these questions. Do I lean heavily on my emotional crutches? I write- Yes, the voice of the lower mind sends me into an emotional negativity and self doubt.
The angel of Dreams continues with another question - Then how do you peel away the layers to explore the vulnerability of the shadow? I answer by writing - Be true to myself and know the shadow is only the darker aspect of me - I let my thinking and emotions get between me and the light and create my own shadow of self doubt. The angle of Dreams then says, Mastery coms from integrating the positive and negative sides to create the whole.

The angel of GIFT arrives at the top of the pile and provides me with UNDERSTANDING. It says, if I have conceived the question, I will know the answer. (How true!)

The GUARDIAN ANGEL Card asks me to remember my dreams and desires and then I will find everything becomes easier.
I add my Mission and Vision Statements because these are my dreams and desires.
Mission Statement
Self Mastery Source is committed to impact the world with inspirational, innovative and exploratory tools that form gateways of possibilities through which a new stream of consciousness flows for self-discovery, transformation, empowerment, healing, solutions and mastery.
Vision Statement: Self Mastery Source.
Our vision is to use innovative, inspiring and spiritual tools that guide the people of the world to their highest potential, new states of consciousness and mastery.

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