Thursday, 30 January 2014

Visionary Dream

Visionary Dream

Night of 28 January 2014 I asked my dreaming self for a dream to support and guide me with
the vision I had written over the Australian long weekend for my business Self Mastery Source. I wanted the higher self to help me focus on expanding Self Mastery Source which is a collective of self development tools, board game, ‘I am’ meditations, Divination cards and more. The only one published so far is the game of life, Self Mastery that takes one into the realms of new possibilities.

Woke at 2.15 am no dream and it took me a couple of hours to go back to sleep. However when I woke again at 7 am ,I was still dreaming. The sleeping and waking dream was linked.
I was able to remember with great clarity the dream downloading through me.

My Dream:
I was beside an innovative leader of new consciousness, a teacher who spoke of how to create a new wave of spiritual illumination. He was a bright light who was helping change the energy of the world through uplifting and inspiring many through his knowledge. I was standing beside him as his apprentice, a student of the vision of new consciousness. He was teaching many thousands how to make a quantum leap into a new field of consciousness so that we could illuminate the world.

At the end of his teaching the crowds were dispersing when a young man, holding a large metal tool came up to me. Whether it was made of silver or platinum I don’t know, but it was in the color of those metals. Holding this unknown tool he came up to me and said he was a mechanic and was giving me a Commodore car and would service it free of charge. I thought to myself I didn’t need a Commodore as I drove a Mercedes. A Commodore was an ordinary car I thought to myself. I told him I didn’t need one but he said that it was mine anyway. He was willing to give of his service free of charge and support me moving forwards. 

Another person spoke to me and said I must have written a fantastic vision to be given such a gift. I said my Vision was to help towards changing the frequency of the world, to create a shift of consciousness with the tools, information, inspiration and techniques to support the mastery of self in the Source of the unlimited.

My question to my dreaming self I had asked that night was - How do I keep my vision alive and what helps me remain confident in moving forwards?
I wonder if by writing a Vision Statement and spending many hours in perfecting it helped my subconsciousness come alive for me to be the dream and the dream to become me?

Writing a Vision, I believe, is of immense importance. The energy is at a high level, a frequency that manifests thought into matter and attracts to it the positive energies like a magnet. Words hold great power.

Clarity about the dream came through Tracy who has shared the journey of Self Mastery with me over the years. Her interpretation of my dream blue me away! I also added to it after further analysis.
The Commodore represents a number of things symbolically.
The Commodore is one of the most successful cars to be sold in Australia and the word Commodore is a ranking above captain and below rear-admiral. Also the Commodore was sold to many, it looks nice but it seems an ordinary car that has shown itself to be extraordinary. It has survived over the years and has become an extraordinary icon for Holden in Australia.
The game of life, Self Mastery seems just a common, ordinary game - just a game - but we have discovered how extraordinary it is, how it guides you into the realms of extraordinary possibilities of discovery, transformation and breakthrough, revealing sometimes confronting truths. It seems to have an energy greater then what is seen.
I had often heard the voice saying. ‘What is ordinary is extraordinary and what is extraordinary is ordinary.’

Symbolically the car moves out on the highways and byways of life, journeys taken by thousands. Self Mastery guides you on a journey gathering information as you go.
A car in a dream represents aspects of yourself, your psychological style, direction in life. By being given a new car brings in a new project, a new way of going about your business. I am no way a business person but perhaps I will grow into believing it and become it. 

The mechanic comes in holding an unknown tool. Self Mastery is called a tool for self development and not a game. A mechanic maintains order and is skilled with all sorts of technical systems and electronic systems. I certainly need a person who knows about IT.
Tracy said I was also the essence of the Commodore internally, just an ordinary person that was given a download with the game of life, Self Mastery dropping into me with the light bulb blazing. Time is right to attract the perfect people to help me, I thought.

In all cases with dreams, the dreamer is every animate and inanimate object within the dream.

The Vision Statement I wrote two days prior to the dream for Self Mastery Source follows:

Our vision is to use innovative, inspiring and spiritual tools that guide the people of the world to their highest potential, new states of consciousness and mastery.

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