Monday, 21 March 2011

1 1 1

Year 2011
If you add the last two digits of your birth year and the age you will be in 2011 all calculations will come to 111.
born 19         48           This year 1.1.11   11.1.11   1.11.11   11.11.11
age this year 63
Guidance for the meaning of 111  Thursday 17 March 2011

As with all things one is apprehensive about huge impending change which is about to shock the world thus promoting individual change for the purpose of survival.
If one can be granted immunity at this time, it is of no importance. What is important is the reflection you see in your own mirror - who are you truly and have you lived in a state of serenity? We can say equivocally, that you have not. This is not a judgement for there is no judgement in this but the law of the universe states that if you are in harmony, you are in a serene state, if you are not you will be given an episode of challenge for the purpose of returning to harmony.
In a world of duality this is perfectly normal and the laws of Earth.
As the poles reverse, so too do you. It is in this reversal that upheaval exists before the settling forms. This is natural and ‘The Way’
Do not think you will be tested any more than you can handle. Each are given their own individual tests by the inner realms of yourselves.
Even though you say ‘it’ is all happening around you - outside of you - no it is not - it is happening within. It appears the earth changes - earthquakes, tsunamis, eruptions, radiation leaks, upheavals and wars are external - no they are within.
Embrace this for then you have the power to change things.
What you see on TV is really within - the world is within you and you are within the world - as one.
We now enter a new state - once it was duality of 1 1 or eleven, parallel lines side by side, equal within as without -duality. Now you have all entered 1 1 1 Even though they appear to be three linear lines, they are peaking events of spiritual illumination. As the trinity of one exposes past, present and future - the three become one, one with the world, one with self, and one with ascension  of illumination. Three candle flames all vibrating at the same frequency, inside, outside and without - all one 1 1 1
If you put each ‘one’ on the three points of an equilateral triangle all are equal. You cannot distinguish which is first, in the middle or last. Which point is up, down or beside, past , present and future, mother father child etc. You can make it up, and perceive what you will, but the point we are making is that one is one is one, is just that. All Oneness without distinction. 1 1 1 is one power, one knowing.
This is all one and all ones are being posed a question. Who are you, what are you, and where are you going if you are One - the collective One. (Laughter) 1 1 1
What did just happen, what is happening and what will happen? - no longer do you pose these questions for the 1 1 1  is eternal 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - the eternal flame, the continuum of oneness.
So here lies your earthly dilemma, you have a body, a mind and a soul. The three ones.
Ahh you are to become one with the three so the mind, body and soul spirit have no distinction of the thoughts, physical body and the spirit. When they are of the mark of 1 then the strength lies in the entire action of Oneness. When all is one how can there be good, bad and indifferent?
If you separate the three principles, as three principles, body - pain, mind - fear, and spiritual realms, the separation continues. Do you not see what you do? When you take your earthly, physical problems you are feeling, and calculate the reason for them - mental analysis - you try and do something about it through the spirit of faith. Why does it not work. You separate the higher self from the earthly self and the spiritual self.
Well you understand that by doing that it continues to weaken the three principals as separate not as One Power. It is within the 1 1 1  as One that brings you into balance and harmony and cosmic power for it is for every one of you on this earth plane.
This is what we call The Ascension.
Why do you not think that being in a Three Personal Year has happened at this time - three is the number of psychic powers picking up on the all is one, one, one - known without the separation of mind body and spirit - it is all in One and One in all so why would you not know truth.
1 1 1 is truth of who you are- is it not? - no longer the 3 Dimensional but the dimension of the Eternal One’s.
Go in peace for we are in Oneness with you.

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