Sunday, 27 March 2011

Guidance on 88

Numbers hold specific energies which relay messages of importance.

It is no coincidence that the frequency of 88 is showing itself to many of you today -  it is the source of new form - an energy frequency relaying a message for a shift of consciousness to move you to a higher dimensional plane.

88 is the remembrance of the resonance of your potentialities of which you have a potency of new form relaying subliminal messages through the visual of 88.
You are shifting as the energies move through the ley lines of your power lines as a matrix or new form, being distributed in a balanced way.

8 on its side is eternal remembrance, the knowing of who you are. Yes, you are magnificent.

88 - is thinking out of the paradigm box.

The Source of 8 is as you have always been, eternal. Seeing 88 on the earth is a reminder how eternal and powerful you are. Yes I am talking to those who read this message. You are powerful beyond measure.

As you know the two circles are without time - they are no longer linear so therefore 88 is no longer restricted by time nor restricted by the dimensions of the earth plane - as the circles denote wholeness, you are the mirror of as above where everything exists all at the One Time. Guess what? 88 is not only above and below but side by side - multidimensional. Quantum!

What walks beside you are all parts of you - your past, present and future - and yet timeless. 888 has added a third language that of the inter-dimensional realms in the essence of quantum remembrance of new form, the new dimensions to time.

88 is the perfect balance and score for you all in the present moment eternally mirrored in the reflection of all that you were before and after time. All of what you have brought into this incarnation is the essence of All selves, a perfect equation for higher vibrational frequencies that transcend and transform into your ascension.

88 activates abundant potential of the quantum mind to accelerate Life’s Purpose which is aspiring to something greater than yourself - unlimited in its dimension.

The light funnels in through both the earth, Gaia, and through the Source, and from the entire family of your angelic selves through the doorway of past lives, you brought with you.
This is the strength of 88, an expanded conscious awareness. This is what it means to be in the right place at the right time in the timelessness of 88, a higher vibrational frequency creating a metamorphosis from a 4D to a 8D level.

It is time! and in saying that it has nothing to do with time but everything to do with, ‘it is now’ - the perfect equation for enlightenment and the illumination from the lights that shine through the portals of 88. the circles represent, heaven on earth and sun on moon -  all moving like spirals, search lights - they are your beacons of light to be guided by us for you to guide others with that which you remember - ancient knowledge of wisdom that spreads the word through communication, the channels of  88 - 4 beacons - 4 modalities. If you need your search lights  use the 4 points to guide you. The glyphs are given to you via your mindless doodles. Try it for they empower to raise your frequencies to higher levels needed in your ascension. These are your personal glyphs for ascension, and the shift of consciousness, an expanded consciousness that amplifies the energy of holiness, and energy of encapsulating the whole.

88 activates potential for it is the doorway of the quantum mind, accelerating that of your Life’s purpose being aware of the divine power inside, congruent with head and heart.
Both are changing to create new beginnings. In this shift you become a higher quantum vibration turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. It is no coincidence you were presented with that of your vibrational frequency of 88 - the momentum of a new state to be birthed from the blueprints of your quantum selves.

Go in peace for we relay this message to you. During times of great stress you will access the 88 doorway and align to the frequencies of new form, the divine blueprint of expanded consciousness. Given the refined glyphs and the matrix of ascension.

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